Ading the notifier

The Notifier is the ideal add-on to the Wannads Offer Wall, not being offered by any other offer wall on the market. Using a small unobtrusive pop-up window, the Notifier shows users the leading Wannads campaigns, tailored to their profile and previous activity.


  1. Import jQuery
  2. Import jquery.wannadsnotifier.js
    <script src=""></script>
  3. Invoke with you apiKey and the current user's subId
      $(function() {
              apiKey: "XXXXXXXXXX",
              subId: "22222",
              subId2: "fa43a54fa343a3z54rf4q4afaw",
              delay: 15,
              position: "top right",
              color: "#7dcc5b",
              test: false
    Parameter Description Default Value Required
    apiKey unique apiKey provided by Wannads Yes
    subId unique identifier of user in your site Yes
    subId2 if you need an extra param you can use this,
    you will get it back in the postback
    delay seconds after notification will hide 10 No
    position position on screen [top|bottom] [left|right] bottom right No
    color rgb color to use in title and button #FF9600 No
    test testing mode false No