Current version: 2 (updated on: 2020-04-14)


  1. Copy and save your API KEY and API SECRET
  2. Download the EvolutionScript addon.


  1. Create an app within your Wannads account and select EvolutionScript as app type.

    You can write the name of the currency in the field currency name, for example Dollar.

    Currency value is the quantity of the currency you will pay your users with for each dollar we pay you.

    Postback URL will be as follows: https://yoursite.com/wannads_postback.php

  2. Unzip the EvolutionScript addon and upload it to your server as shown in the image below:

    If you're not using the default template, you will need to upload the 2 .tpl files into your template folder (green in the image).

  3. Link the offerwall to your menu. In most templates, the menu will be in the Header.tpl file; edit that file and add the following code where you would like the menu entry to go:
    {if $user->isOnline()}
        <li><a href="wannads.php">Wannads</a></li>
        <li><a href="wannads.php?s=yes">SurveyWall</a></li>
  4. Add the addon.

    Once all the files are uploaded, depending on your version, you will see it in Addons / Extensions or in Legacy Addons.

    Click on the install button.

    Fill in your API KEY and API SECRET with your wannads information.

    Complete the IP list with the list of the Wannads servers IPs (you can find it here).